Hello. здравствуйте. Hola. Bonjour.

Hey there!

I’ve finally decided to jump on the travel blogging bandwagon. Yay for conformity!
Mainly I like the idea of having a place to have a written account of my experiences that I can share with family and friends. When returning from a trip the usual interrogation includes: “How was it? What did you do? Tell me everything! Show me pictures!” And I inevitably end up leaving something out.
I’m hoping that this will be a great way to share my stories. Unfortunately, I am quite a few trips behind. I have decided to start this blog by posting past trips in a #tbt series. Some will be more detailed than others depending on how well my memory serves me. Previous trips I hope to include are: France x 2, England, the British Virgin Islands, and most recently Russia. I might throw in a few stateside escapades as well.
Has anyone used the app Been? I love keeping track of where I have traveled. I have had many opportunities to travel and I am beyond grateful for those [Thanks MOM + DAD + Aunt Barbara]!! But I have only experienced 2% of the world!?! There is still so much to see and take in! And trust me when I say I have a serious case of wanderlust! There usually isn’t a day that goes by that I am not fantasizing of jet-setting or road-tripping somewhere.
In my posts I will endeavor to include as much detail as possible. Being the stereotypical tourist, I usually end up taking a million photos. I will upload the most relevant pictures so as not to bore you with the hundreds of photos of the various wildlife/plant life  I come across. I always have my iPod with me and will include the soundtrack of the trip.
If you have any questions or comments, please don’t be shy.
Thanks for reading!




[previously posted on Blogger 7/1/15]

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