#tbt The Stones in the Burgh

Pittsburgh 2015

My latest expedition was to the distant land of Pittsburgh. A few months ago Barbara called me up and asked if I wanted to see the Rolling Stones. I responded with “Is that a trick question?”
[I should probably note that Barbara will be a reoccurring character in my posts. She is my fairy godmother and has been by my side for almost all of my adventures (usually guiding me to the closest museum, restaurant, or cabana).]

The drive to Pittsburgh was a bit more stressful than usual due to steady rain. This was annoying as I made my way on the PA Turnpike and did not bode well for the concert. The show was taking place at Heinz Field (a rain or shine event). Naturally, the soundtrack for this journey was the Stones and AWOLNATION, the latter whom I had found out was the opening act. Being a fan of both groups I was quite happy, although I still do not understand how they came up with that combination.
Knowing that I need to be well fed to be happy, Barbara decided we would have dinner with her son and his friend. We headed down to the Strip District to try Gaucho. Anyone who finds themselves in the area, I highly recommend giving them a try! There was a bit of a wait to order our food, however, there were plenty of tables available and the food was served quickly. I ordered the steak burger with red onion and avocado. It was fantastic! We shared several sides as a table, and all of them were delicious! It was while we were enjoying our meal that the heavens opened up and a small monsoon commenced. Barbara and I decided that we would head to the show and if it was too unbearable we would head home.

To Heinz Field we went! We parked at Barbara’s friends’ house and walked over to the stadium under the safety of our umbrella. When we arrived at the stadium we ditched the umbrella and headed inside with plenty of time to spare. We huddled in the walkway until we heard the first notes of AWOLNATION. I was excited to hear them live and felt bad about how empty the stadium was. It didn’t appear that there was a large following in this audience. Not many people knew the songs, except of course for their single “Sail.”

It was before the Stones came out that the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared over the stage. If that isn’t a sign of a great show to come, then I don’t know what is!

The show, of course, was epic. Mick spent the entire show MOVING.NONSTOP. with those ridiculous dance moves of his. I must say I was quite impressed considering his age. There were only a few moments that I worried about Keith being too close to the edge of the stage, or whether or not he should actually be walking backward whilst jamming out.

Naturally, they saved the most popular songs for last. The encore opened with an orchestra singing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Then they closed the show with “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” and some mighty impressive fireworks.

Barbara and I hightailed it out of there to avoid traffic. It wasn’t until we were walking back to the car that I learned this was her first concert experience! As someone who has been to MANY concerts, I have to say it was a fantastic show to see as a first concert!

Sunday morning came too soon. Barbara made me a delicious breakfast of farm fresh scrambled eggs and then sent me on my way. I was probably about half way back to The Land when I hit a massive thunderstorm. The rain was coming down so hard I couldn’t even see the front of my car. I have never been so panicked while driving as I was during that storm. After what seemed like forever (in reality it was less than an hour) I could finally see blue skies ahead. I was so stressed out by the drive that I bought myself a bag of mini KitKat bars once I got into town.
Overall, it was an excellent weekend. Plus, I finally get to cross off the Rolling Stones on my “to see” list!

[Previously posted on Blogger 7/2/15]

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