#tbt Chi Town

Chicago 2016


Tom, Su and I arrived early in the morning. After socializing a bit with Barbara and Bob, we Uber’ed to the Art Institute of Chicago. We took our time exploring the galleries and worked up quite the appetite. We set off down Michigan Ave. to make our way to the Billy Goat Tavern. We met Bob there for double cheezborgers and chips. Halfway through our meal, we had the privilege to meet Murphy the goat! Our hunger satiated, we walked back to the apartment to watch the Indians beat the Blue Jays in game 2 (GO TRIBE!). Then we did as the Chicagoans do and ordered deep dish pizza and watched the Cubs.


Barbara set off early in the morning heading to Cincinnati. The rest of us ate a small breakfast in the apartment while we planned the day’s activities. With an agenda set, we set off to walk down the Mag Mile. Not making it very far we stopped for a bite to eat at Bandera. It was OUTSTANDING. To start, we shared the famous corn bread. Tom ordered the smoked salmon, Su the Macho salad, and I had the fried chicken sandwich.  With full bellies, we hailed a taxi for the Shedd Aquarium. With our CityPass in hand, Su and I were able to skip the hour long line to gain entrance to the aquarium. Tom, who did not have a CityPass, declined to wait in the ever growing line. [If you ever plan on visiting the sites in Chicago, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the CityPass! It saves you so much time in lines!!] Su and I made our way thru the aquarium enjoying the life aquatic while simultaneously feeling guilty that the marine life was stuck in tanks and not living freely in the ocean. We met up with Tom who had found a park bench to take a snap (short nap) on. The three of us walked to grab a taxi to head back to the apartment. Upon arriving at the apartment we were greeted with Patti and Jake preparing themselves for the Cubs game. We wished them well, while Tom, Su, Bob and myself walked around the corner to Vora. Paul and the staff treated us well and we had a delicious meal.


The four of us walked to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. That place is crazy busy! Bob left shortly after arriving to catch the train back home. After a bit of a wait, Su ordered pigs in a blanket, Tom the potato pancakes, and I had the corned beef hash. Following breakfast, Tom departed for Wisconsin. Su and I headed out south towards the Field Museum. After a bit of walking, we stopped in a Starbucks to grab some refreshments. We decided to hail a cab for the rest of the journey. We rambled around the museum for several hours and stopped to split a grilled cheese sandwich at the cafe. Taking a taxi back north we got out at the Hancock building. We did a bit of shopping at Uniqlo and then decided it was time for dinner. Keeping to tradition, I had to dine at the Cheesecake Factory. We both ordered salads and we were very pleased with them. We decided to use the CityPass to see the 360 Observatory. Skipping dessert we headed up to the 94th floor of the Hancock building. We arrived at the perfect time to observe the sun setting on the city. It was a fantastic view of the city! Su worked up some courage, and we decided to go on Tilt! Standing on a platform next to the window they tilt you out over the city. It is something to look down 94 stories! I won’t lie; I was rather tense holding on to the handle bars while looking down. We then called it a night and walked back to the apartment.


After a light breakfast, Su and I meandered down Michigan Ave. to do some shopping at Nordstrom Rack and Anthropology. Once we worked up an appetite, we took a taxi to Pinstripes. Su had the margarita flatbread with a caesar salad, and I had the prosciutto fig flatbread. All of it was delicious! Once we finished eating, we rented an alley to do some bowling while munching on a slice of chocolate cake. I won the first game and Su took the second. We then took a stroll around Navy Pier. After our walk, we caught a taxi back to the apartment to watch the Tribe game. Following the game, we decided to walk down State to 25 Degrees for a burger. I had the Number Two and Su built her own. After dinner, we called it a night.


After another light breakfast, Su and I hailed a taxi for the Lincoln Park Zoo. We spent most of the day meandering around the free park! It was a wonderful zoo and the animals were rather impressive! The otter was particularly friendly! We had a tasty lunch at the pond. I had a burger and Su had a tuna melt with mac and cheese. We agreed that zoos are simultaneously fascinating and heartbreaking. At 3 we took a taxi back to the apartment to wait for Tom. The three of us then watched the Indians beat the Blue Jays to head to the WORLD SERIES!! For a celebratory dinner, we walked to Lou Malnati’s for some tasty pizza. In a food coma, we made our way back to the apartment and settled in for the night.


Following a bowl of cereal and some tidying up, we headed home to The Land.


PS. I had this saved on my phone for ages. Spoiler alert; the Indians lost the World Series to the Cubs.

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