All Aboard… Setting sail for Croatia

Day Three

My day started at 11:45am with a text from Barbara saying she was in the hotel lobby. I couldn’t believe I had slept that long! So much for getting my breakfast at 10am. I quickly re-packed my suitcase and we ordered a taxi to transport us to the cruise ship. We arrived at the port to get into what I’m sure was the first of many lines to come. There was a line to drop off our luggage, a line to check in and receive our room key, a line for security, and the shortest line, to submit our passports.

Once boarded, we hustled to the nearest restaurant, O’Sheehan’s. After we fueled up on some mediocre food, we began our exploration of the ship. Barbara only made it as far as the sundeck and bar. I forged on and completed a lap of the 13th deck. It was then time for the mandatory lifeboat presentation. After watching how to put on a life jacket, we scampered up to the spa where a raffle was being held. Neither of us won. After a tour of the thermal suite, we made the unanimous decision to pay for the weeklong pass. Barbara and I then went separate ways; me to unpack and her in search of the mojito bar.

While I was unpacking my suitcase, I had the vague sensation of moving. I turned around and saw that we were leaving the dock! Barbara returned just in time to see the view. She couldn’t find the mojito bar, but she did find a Long Island iced tea. As we passed by Venice on our way out to sea, I couldn’t believe that I was actually here, I had dreamt of visiting this city for so long!


Once the sun had set, it was quite chilly out. We decided to warm up by visiting the thermal suite. With the pass, we have access to jacuzzis, a lap pool, steam room, sauna, and relaxation lounges. After sampling each offering, we headed back to our room.

Around 9:30, we finally headed down to one of the dining rooms. We arrived at the Versailles dining room to find out that they stopped seating people at 9:30. The woman took pity on us and gave us a table anyway. I ordered the Caribbean pork tenderloin with rice and beans. The only thing on this dish that resembled those in the Caribbean were the grilled plantains. I’m fairly certain they borrowed the rice from the Asian restaurant. Barbara’s eggplant wasn’t much better. She then made the decision that we needed to dine in the restaurants that were upgraded from the included food package.

We are now tucking in for the night excited to explore Dubrovnik tomorrow.

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