Welcome to King’s Landing 

Day Four

I awoke this morning with a view of the Adriatic slipping by. We weren’t scheduled to dock until 1pm. Even though we had a somewhat disappointing dinner, we decided to return to the Versailles dining room for breakfast. Part way through the meal Barbara left me to finish on my own so that she could attend her acupuncture consultation. Once I was finished eating, I headed up to the spa to meet her. I also decided to schedule a facial for myself.

I met with the wonderful Jessica and she recommended what would be best for my skin. The facial included the typical cleanser, exfoliant, and mask, but then things got fancy with light therapy and an oxygen blast. This was probably the most extravagant facial I have ever had. My skin feels amazing!

I returned to the room in time to watch the ship dock in Dubrovnik. Barbara and I decided that instead of disembarking immediately, we would have lunch and attempt to wait out the crowds. We dined at Topsiders by the pool. The menu included hamburgers and hotdogs. My hamburger was extremely overcooked, however, the potato salad was delicious. Finished with our lunch, we headed off the ship to wait for the shuttle to Old Town.


Dubrovnik was named the Pearl of the Adriatic. In its prime, the city had the third largest navy in the Mediterranean. The city was rebuilt in the Baroque style and eventually became a tourist destination. Tourism essentially stopped in the 90s during the separation with Yugoslavia but has seemed to have returned with a vengeance. It seems the city has also gained a lot of popularity for being a set location for the show Game of Thrones. It’s not difficult to find all of the GoT merch you could desire.

I had read that Old Town is now such a tourist trap that it’s like a medieval Disney World. I can’t really argue with that statement. We arrived amongst a plethora of other busses, shuttles, and taxis dropping off fellow tourists. We quickly made our way inside the Pile gate (pronounced PEE-leh) and purchased our tickets to walk the wall. The staircase up is quite the exercise! Once you are on top of the wall the views are amazing! Circling the city we made it about halfway before stopping for drinks. Fresh squeezed juice for me and beer for Barbara.

Halfway around Barbara decided she had seen enough and headed back down to the ground. I continued on, wanting to finish what I had started. I would not have wanted to experience this in the height of summer! I was quite warm and I couldn’t imagine an even greater crowd. Finally completing the circle, I descended the staircase we had originally come up. I found Barbara by the fountain. We started to make our way out, however, we didn’t make it very far. There was a Dali exhibit we decided to visit. It was a fairly small exhibition and did not take long to view. It was reminiscent of the time we discovered a Dali exhibit in London! Making it outside the wall, we found the shuttle pickup point only to discover a long line. We were able to make it onto the second bus snagging the last two available seats in the back.

Once we were back on board we went to an early dinner. Tonight we dined at the Ginza. We managed to be seated even though we didn’t have a reservation! The food was decidedly much better here than what we had the previous night.

I am now ending my night watching Dubrovnik fade into the darkness as we make our way to Montenegro.


2 Replies to “Welcome to King’s Landing ”

  1. It looks so peaceful and gorgeous there! Never went to Croatia in my life but maybe I will stop by the next time I make a visit to Italy! 😍


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