Day Five

Waking up to the view of the mountains of Montenegro passing you by is quite a sight! I have never seen landscape quite like this. I had not done any research on this country and really had no idea of what to expect. Kotor is a city that sits in the Bay of Kotor, one of the most indented parts of the Adriatic. It is often misidentified as a fjord when in actuality it is a ria, a submerged river canyon.


Barbara surprisingly declared she wanted to eat at the buffet for breakfast. To the Market Cafe we went! Of course, the food is the same. We are on a cruise ship after all.  I had the same meal as the previous day, except this time we didn’t have to wait to be served. Seating was a bit more challenging as there was quite a crowd.

Barbara, fortunately, had done a bit of research on Kotor and wanted to take the Hop On- Hop Off bus tour. The tour started right outside of the port. We then headed along the coast towards Perast, learning tidbits about the long maritime history and the more recently developed fish and mussel farms. To keep the bay ecologically stable, they only have two active farms whose locations are rotated. The mussel farms are placed beside the fish farms to help filter out the extra nutrients that are required to grow the fish.

Continuing on to the town of Budva you will find Roman mosaics. Barbara and I decided to forgo the mosaics for some time in the sunshine. The open bus offered great views, but it was extremely cold! I snuggled into my jacket and Barbara wrapped her scarf around her head. The bus then made its way back to Kotor stopping to take photos of Our Lady of the Rock. After snapping some pictures of the old city, we boarded the ship once more. We opted for Versailles for lunch and were lucky enough to get a window seat offering us one last look at the city. I am absolutely amazed at how the walls of the city were built up the mountain! The fortifications of the port were built during the Venetian period.

Lunch was pretty good. I think our waiter thought I was a bit odd for ordering a Caesar salad and an order of nachos as my entree. The nachos on this ship have been a bit disappointing. For some strange reason, they put most of the toppings on the bottom and there is a serious lack of cheese! The real highlight though was my dessert, key lime parfait. It was fantastic! With our window seat, we were able to watch the ship leave the dock. I had been curious as to how the crew managed such large dock lines! It was a group effort with three men pulling the line off of the cleat. With some impressive use of the bow and stern thrusters, we did an about-face and began to make our way back out to sea.

To the spa we went! We seriously plan on getting our monies worth out of this pass! I claimed a lounge chair and alternately read and watched the scenery pass by. Once my iPad battery died, we returned to the room where I took a nap with the balcony door open so I could listen to the waters of the Adriatic.

Following my nap, we headed to Aqua for dinner. This was the last restaurant for us to try that is included. Shockingly, there was quite a line for dinner! We were given a pager and a certificate for a complimentary glass of champagne at Gatsby’s. Gatsby’s is one of the several lounges on the ship where we were entertained with live music whilst we waited for our table. The wait wasn’t too terrible. Once seated, I chose to have a heartier meal of French onion soup and roast beef with fingerling potatoes and broccoli. It was delicious! I rounded out the meal with a dessert of assorted cheeses, crackers, and grapes.

I called it an early night after dinner. We will lose an hour as we move towards Greece and into the next time zone. 

An amusing side note: today’s drink of the day was a painkiller made with Pusser’s rum. For an extra $6 you could even get the souvenir tin cup!


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