Let the Games Begin

Day Six

I awoke this morning in time to see the sun rise over Greece as we made our way to Katakolon.


We were welcomed to port with rain. Blah. The previous day, Barbara and I had signed up to attend a Pampering Party hosted by the spa. I had quickly learned that every event they host is a disguise to sell you products and/or services. Nothing is free on this cruise. The party was essentially a seminar to explain how to properly take care of your skin using the products that are used in the spa. The exciting part was they actually let us use the products for a mini facial!

In an attempt to let the rain pass, we had an early lunch at O’Sheehan’s. I have yet to have a good meal there. I didn’t think it was possible to be disappointed with a chopped salad.

Following lunch, we disembarked (to no rain!) and grabbed a taxi to the city of ancient Olympia. Yes, Olympia, as in the birthplace of the Olympic Games! We decided to only spend an hour at the site, just enough time to take in the ruins. There are also several museums that can be explored. Although much of the buildings are gone, it truly is amazing that anything is left when you consider how long ago these structures were built!

After our return to the ship, we of course headed for the thermal suite in the spa. Barbara went to soak in the jacuzzi, while I opted to curl up in the relaxation room to catch up on some reading and enjoy the wonderful view of the panoramic windows over the aft of the boat. I was so relaxed, I completely lost track of time and was almost an hour late to dinner! Oops! 

Tonight’s dinner was at the Brazilian churrascaria Moderno. This was one of the upcharge restaurants. It started with a wonderful salad bar. I had a small Caesar salad, roasted tomato with fresh mozzarella, grilled hearts of palm, and bread with butter. The table was also served these amazing cheese profiterole-type things. Then came the meats! When you are ready for the main course you flip a card over. Waiters parade through the restaurant with various meats and will stop at your table to slice off a portion for you. I enjoyed prime rib, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, a beef rib, pork sausage, and a filet. I ate so much that I couldn’t finish my dessert, papaya ice cream.

We’re off to Athens now. It will be an early arrival tomorrow, so off to bed, I go. 


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