Day Twelve 

It was a gloomy morning in Venice as we packed our bags for Florence. When we stepped outside, we were met with a thick fog. The sign at the vaporetto stop said it was postponed due to the fog. This meant we had to hoof it across Venice with our luggage. We were fairly lucky though, there was only one bridge to cross. We were about a block away when I realized we had forgotten our leftover pizza in the fridge.


Once we arrived at the train station we purchased new lunches. Then, we headed to the ticket office to purchase the tickets for our upcoming trip to Pisa. With that taken care of, we headed to the cafe for breakfast. While Barbara had a coffee, I scarfed down a donut and tea.

Shortly after boarding the train, I opened up my lunch, a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich. I enjoy traveling by train, but the pressure on my ears was rather painful. We then had the privilege of sitting in a tunnel for an extra 20 minutes, delaying our arrival time. Exiting the station, our first priority was to activate our FlorencePass cards at the tourist information office. We also received a map and directions to the Duomo. It did not take us long to realize we went in the wrong direction. We eventually made it to the Duomo and waited for Mady and Sami to find us.

The girls managed to find us amongst the throng of tourists. Before searching for the apartment, we scheduled our time to climb up the cupola. It sells out so I would recommend scheduling your time a day ahead. Then we were off! When we arrived at the apartment, we panicked our host. She thought all four of us were going to stay in the one bedroom setup. We were happily being shown around the space when we heard the words “the wifi is not working.” After over a week without reliable internet access, Barbara snapped. She told our host to find a solution.

The four of us headed out for a quick tour and lunch. They showed us Kent’s campus and their apartment. We stopped for lunch at simBIOsi. I had the spaghetti aglio, a delicious spaghetti with garlic and a broccoli cream. During lunch, Mady and Sami tried to share all of their knowledge of Florence. One tidbit I found interesting was that there is apparently a ton of mosquitos in the city. I would have expected that more in Venice with the water.


After parting with the girls, Barbara and I headed back to the apartment to settle in. We unpacked and started a load of laundry. It was a good thing our host had shown us where the washing machine was because I probably would not have looked for it on the balcony. It took almost two hours for one load of laundry! Our host returned and brought with her a mobile router! We now had wifi!

Around 6 o’clock we headed out for dinner. Barbara had asked our host for a suggestion and she recommended Ristorante Sant ‘Ambrogio. It was just down the street from the apartment. Once we arrived, Barbara read the menu out front. She apparently hadn’t heard our host say the prices were a little higher. We then walked back to a trattoria we had passed. They wouldn’t be able to seat us until after 9pm, so back to Sant ‘Ambrogio we went. The staff was extremely nice and the food was delicious! We shared a Caprese salad to start. Then as my entree, I ordered the smoked cheese pasta. The pasta was so light, it was like eating air. To finish the meal we had a tiramisu. It was fantastic!

Following dinner, we called it a night. Tomorrow is for exploring Firenze!

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