Day Nine

When I awoke this morning, we were already docked in Split. I switched things up at breakfast! Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon, corned beef hash, and bacon. Although, I am not sure corned beef hash is an appropriate description. It was 99% cubed potatoes and 1% of what I am assuming was corned beef.

Ready for the day, we disembarked and walked towards the old town. Thanks to the Roman Emperor Diocletian, Split has some of the best Roman ruins this side of Italy. In the 4th century, Diocletian construction a huge palace so that he could retire in his native Dalmatia. The palace was eventually abandoned, and in the 7th century, Slavic invaders made themselves at home. Later, in the 15th century, the Venetians took over the Dalmatian coast adding a layer of Gothic-Renaissance architecture.

We entered through the cellars and made our way into the maze that is the palace. We wandered around exploring alleys and window shopping the boutiques. Barbara was very excited to stop by the candy store on her quest for malt balls. They didn’t have any, but she didn’t walk away empty handed either! We exited the palace walls and walked through the Strossmajerov Park and then passed the statue of Bishop Gregory. Continuing our aimless wandering, we ended up in the People’s Square and stopped at a cafe for a beer and fresh squeezed orange juice. Heading back into the palace walls we made our way to the Cathedral of St. Dominus. Barbara tried so hard to get a photograph of the alter without other tourists in the shot.

We made our way back to the ship walking along the dock and enjoying the scenery. Once we were back on board we headed straight for lunch. I decided to ease myself into Italian food and had the chicken Parmesan, mashed potatoes, and a heaping serving of carrots and green beans. Since it was the last day, I finally let myself venture into the dessert room. I nabbed a slice of shamrock cake. I’m not entirely sure why it was named that, as it tasted just like ordinary chocolate cake.

Barbara headed back to the spa while I took a snap (short nap) in the room. Upon waking, I moved out to the balcony where I settled in with some jazz music and watched a sailboat regatta. Barbara returned to watch us leave the dock and to start packing. Once the sun set, we turned on the tv while we waited for our 8:30pm dinner reservation. I found Sarah’s Key on the French channel, however, Barbara said she could not watch it because it is too depressing. So naturally, we turned to the Watford/Arsenal match. Because we are so into football. We definitely knew what was going on at all times. It did not take me 15 minutes to figure out who the second team was. Although, I am fairly proud I was able to identify Arsenal!

8 o’clock finally rolled around and we made our way to Cagney’s Steakhouse. I was ravenous by the time the bread basket was delivered and immediately devoured two pieces of the rosemary-infused loaf. I then proceeded to order and consume all of a bowl of baked potato soup, a petite filet, and truffle oil and Parmesan French fries. For some unknown reason, I then thought the best course of action would be to order a pot of tea and a slice of Oreo cheesecake. I made it through the tea, however, the cheesecake put me over the edge. Needless to say, I can’t move right now.

Our final voyage to Venice is bittersweet. I can’t believe the cruise has come to an end! However, I am very excited to explore Venice the next couple of days!


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