Venezia, How I Love Thee

Day Eleven 

The downside of having a first-floor apartment next to a canal is that you can hear all of the traffic. All of the water taxis, vaporettos, and the garbage boats. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best nights sleep I have ever had. To start the day we walked to the train station and grabbed the vaporetto to San Marco. I needed a little snack before I could start with the tourist activities, so we headed to a cute takeaway style restaurant. I had an excellent slice of pizza and was now truly ready for the day. We walked back to San Marco square and made our way to the Doge’s Palace Museum.

Following the museum, Barbara found a spot to sit while I went up the Bell Tower. It was a bit foggy out so the view wasn’t amazing. However, I was lucky enough to be standing directly under one of the bells when they started ringing. Those suckers are loud! I then did a quick loop inside of the cathedral. Reuniting with Barbara, we decided to stop and have drinks at the Caffè Florian. I ordered the Caffè del Doge and Barbara had an Aperol Spritz. There happened to be a band playing at the Caffè (which we had to pay a cover charge for) that we were able to listen to. It is strange to think that doing something as common as having a cup of coffee would make such a large impact, but I know I will forever remember this moment.

Refreshed from our drinks, we made our way through the Correr Museum. Here we took in the beauty of the Imperial Rooms.

With time to spare before our dinner reservation, we walked around Venice attempting to navigate the streets and canals. We also stopped in to see Barbara’s new favorite bookstore, Libreria Acqua Alta. We made it to the restaurant, but we were an hour and a half early. Walking around the corner we found a square to sit in. The square was bustling with children. I’m assuming there must have been a school nearby that had let out. The boys had a rousing football game going, while the girls played tag. As we sat on the steps of the canal, it was entertaining to simply watch life play on before us. There was a church in this square, Basilica Santi Giovanni e Paolo, so Barbara decided we should visit it. While I lit some candles, Barbara said a rosary for me. Still needing to waste time, we headed over to the Cafe that seemed to be the most popular, Pasticceria Rosa Salva. Barbara enjoyed another Spritz while I had a pot of tea.

We finally were able to be seated at 6342 a le Tole. Barbara had been here the previous week with Mady and was quite happy with the food. The atmosphere was a complete 180 from what we had experienced the previous night. The menu was in both Italian and English. Barbara gave me full control over our order. I selected the fettuccine al ragù d’anatra al profumo di erbe fine (duck pasta) and the Forte pizza with pomodoro, mozzarella, salame piccante, aglio, and melanzane (tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami, garlic, and eggplant). Both dishes were fantastic! It was amazing we had room for dessert, a mousse al cioccolate e nocciole! Of course, I can never say no to chocolate mousse!

Returning home for the night, we headed in the direction that we thought would take us to the Rialto Bridge to catch the vaporetto. After walking for about 10 minutes, Barbara declared that we were lost. I reminded her we did have the capability of using Google Maps on her phone. It turned out that we had gone past the bridge and were more than halfway home. Without a vaporetto stop near us, I urged that we continued walking to the apartment. We returned safe and sound and prepared for our journey to Florence tomorrow. 

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