Water, Water Everywhere 

Day Eight 

Today was spent at sea. Basically, that means a lazy day aboard the ship. I slept in (until 9am) and then took a leisurely time getting ready for the day. I like to keep the balcony door open so I can watch and listen to the water as we move onward.

For breakfast, I decided to give O’Sheehan’s one more try. They also happened to be open the latest and I had already missed the other dining options. To my surprise, they didn’t mess it up. I ordered scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and a pot of tea. Shocking, I know! My breakfasts are so diverse!

Post breakfast, I spent a few hours in the relaxation room on my iPad and enjoying the view. Besides the vast expanse of blue water and sky, there were several other cruise ships and freighter ships. I could sit in those chairs all day long!

In an attempt not to be completely lazy, I made the decision to take a walk on the track. I grabbed some lunch in the Market Cafe and made my way up to deck 13. I stepped outside and was met with a wall of wind. I made it around the ship once (1/4 of a mile) before I gave up. I am on vacation, after all, and I don’t need to be beat up by the wind. I retreated back to our room and set up camp on the (protected) balcony. It felt good to soak up some sun!

If anyone was wondering where Barbara was all day, she had back-to-back appointments at the spa. After she returned, we watched Everything, Everything. Following the movie, we headed to Aqua for dinner. It was still fairly early, so we were seated quickly. Tonight I selected the beef slider with siracha coleslaw as an appetizer and beef short ribs with broccoli and mashed potatoes for my entree. The dish was also served with shrimp, but I gave those to Barbara. For dessert, I ordered the chocolate mousse. It was good, but it was more of a cream than a mousse.

Barbara called it an early night at 8:30! I stayed up later to finish the book I had started earlier, My Best Friend’s Exorcism. I thought it sounded like a good book to read on Friday the 13th! When I wake up in the morning, we will be in Croatia!


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