December Wrap Up

*Reviews may contain spoilers.

I did not finish my Goodreads goal this year. I did not even come close. I only read 42 out of 70 books. This is the first time I have not finished since I started setting a goal. I would like to think that meant I was out living life having grand adventures with no time to read. However, I also joined Hulu and HBO this year, so realistically I was probably just streaming more TV shows and movies. Oh well. Here’s to reaching my goal for next year!

Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry – 3 Stars

I selected this book because I am attempting to learn more about personal finance. I thought the book was well written and a good introduction to the subject. I was able to read the information without falling asleep like with most other finance books. I do wish it had gone into more depth in a few areas such as retirement.

Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet by Kellyann Petrucci – 4 Stars 

I am a serial dieter. I read this book for the 3-week diet that Dr. Kellyann created. I probably only made it about 2 weeks before I made my way on to a new diet. Its like I have ADD where diets are concerned. I really loved a lot of the recipes included! I will definitely be keeping those on hand.

The Dog Walker’s Diary by Kathryn Donahue – 5 Stars

This book was recommended to me by a coworker and fellow bookworm. She thought I would like it so much that she lent me her library copy. She was correct! I thought this was such a cute story. Plus, it is like two stories in one. You get the adventures of the dogs and the story of the humans. Even with the knowledge that there was going to be a plot twist, I still did not see it coming at all!

Chasing Red (Red, #1) by Isabelle Ronin – 3 Stars

I saw this recommended on a feed, either Instagram or Goodreads. It was a romance that played out how I imagined it would. The relationship between Veronica and Caleb was rather dramatic. There wasn’t very much character development between the two of them. I was bothered a bit by the complete lack of trust from Veronica. I also dislike when books (even those in a series) are ended on a cliffhanger.


How did everyone else do with their goals for 2017? Do you have a favorite read from the year? Any releases for 2018 that you are looking forward to?

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