February Wrap Up

*Reviews may contain spoilers.

Palm Trees in the Snow by Luz Gabàs (translated by Noel Hughes)
This is one of those instances where I saw the movie first. I had stumbled upon the foreign film on Netflix a few years ago and really enjoyed watching it. I had immediately tried searching for the novel the film was based on. Unfortunately, I was unable to find an English translation. Amazon, being the all-knowing website it is, suggested I might want to purchase the English translation in Kindle a few months ago. It did take me a few weeks to fully digest this book. It covers so many (important) topics; family, politics, colonization, race, culture, ethnicity, bi-racial relationships, and rape. The story follows the Rabaltué family, taking place between Equatorial Guinea and Pasolobino (the Spanish Pyrenees) during the 1950s and 2003. I really enjoyed reading about Kilian’s experience working on the island and his acceptance and appreciation for the Bubi people. There were a few sections in the book that I did not think were necessary, such as the storyline between Daniela and Laha. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend it. I also thought the film did a fairly decent job cramming such a dense book into a 2.75-hour movie.

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