Hello Roma!

Day Fifteen 

There is nothing like a chilled brisk walk to start your day. With our luggage in tow, we made our way past the Duomo through the streets of Florence to the train station. Barbara once again packed us a picnic for the train; another delicious prosciutto sandwich! The ride was about an hour and a half. It is funny; I have noticed that my ears are bothered on the trains, however, I usually do not have any trouble on planes.

After having arrived in the capital, we made our way outside of the terminal with the rest of the crowd to stand in line for a taxi. Naturally, there was some drama amongst the drivers as to who should have the next fare. The line moved fairly quickly and we were off to find our Airbnb! Dropping off our luggage in our studio apartment we set out to find the Hop On/Hop Off bus.

Following Barbara, who had scoped the place out a few weeks prior, we found the ticket seller for the tour buses. The crafty gentlemen convinced us to choose the more economical option. Note to self: Do not skimp on the tour bus pass. Walking further down the street, I was greeted with my first sight of the Colosseum! We continued past to locate the bus stop. After a short wait, we boarded the green bus. Unfortunately, the only sights we were able to see was a large amount of traffic in this bustling metropolitan city.

Ditching the bus, we went in search of the Trevi Fountain. We figured following the crowd would be the easiest way to find the historic structure, and we were not wrong! The place was quite crowded, however, I managed to find a nice perch behind a souvenir stand to snap a couple of pictures. I am sure this would be a magnificent site lit up at night! With our touristy photos taken, we forged our way through the crowd so that I could buy a gelato. Is there anything better than roaming the streets of Italy with a gelato in hand?


The next tourist destination to cross off of the list was the Spanish Steps. We were turned around a couple of times, but we made it!

Unfortunately, we could not follow the crowd to return home. The maps we had were a tad challenging to decipher. We stopped into the closest McDonald’s to use their wifi. Naturally, it was not functioning properly and we were unable to download the route. With sore feet and what seemed like an endless walk (it really was not), we arrived on our street.

Barbara’s original choice of restaurant was closed until 7:30. Too hungry to wait we selected an establishment further down the street. Having chosen to dine so early we had the place to ourselves. I ordered the Caprese salad, gnocchi, and tiramisù. The gnocchi was not that thrilling. I originally tried to order the chocolate mousse for dessert, but they did not have any available. Why I thought it was a good idea to order a French dessert in Rome is unclear to me. Fortunately, I came to my senses and ordered the tiramisù. I was not disappointed! It was quite delicious!

With full bellies, we returned home to do some laundry and settle in for the night. Just after I put the washer on, we blew a fuse! It turns out, in this apartment you cannot have both lights on and run the washer. With that last bit of excitement, we snuggled in for the night to prepare for our early wake-up call in the morning.

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