Rain, Reading, and Carbonara

 Day Seventeen 

This October Sunday started with a lay-in, a cup of tea, and a cannoli for breakfast. Barbara attended mass at the church across the street from the apartment. I tried to add some productivity into my morning by starting to pack up my suitcase and organize my things.

After Barbara returned, we set out to do a dry run for the Metro and to buy my train ticket. Tomorrow, I will be taking this route to the airport as my vacation has come to an end. We found the Metro just up the street and had no issues getting to the Termini Train Station. On our way to buy my train ticket, I had to stop in at Sephora to buy mascara. I had not packed any and my lash extensions have been falling out #firstworldbeautyproblems. Back on track, we went up to the main level and grabbed a ticket to wait in line. Once our number was called, we were able to purchase my train ticket. Barbara was going to reserve a seat for her train to Bologna as well, but she had left her Eurorail pass back at the apartment.

Now it was time for our adventure to Eataly! We boarded the Metro to the Piramide stop and walked outside. Exiting the terminal, you are immediately greeted by the Metro stops’ namesake. This pyramid is the only one of its kind in Europe. (There had been a second, larger pyramid in Rome, however, it did not survive history.)


Barbara asked a woman for directions, but all we could get out of her was to go left. After walking for a few blocks, Barbara asked a couple if they knew were Eataly was. The guy was kind enough to show us on his phone and we were off once more. After walking and walking it became apparent we were not going in the right direction. At that moment the skies decided to open and a torrential downpour began. I attempted to hide under a tree to stay dry. Now wet and starving, we turned around and headed back to the Metro. It was on the platform waiting for the Metro that I saw the signs for Eataly. I have no idea how we had missed them the first time around. Apparently, we had exited out the wrong door. But I had already suffered a minor meltdown and the damage had been done.

We returned to the apartment where I ate some chocolate and had a cup of tea to calm myself. We then settled in to read the afternoon away.

When dinner time rolled around we headed down the street to La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. The food was delicious! I feasted on bruschetta con guanciale amatriciano grigliato con riduzione aceto balsamico (bruschetta with grilled Roman bacon and balsamic glaze) and fettuccine alla carbonara. For dessert, I selected the tiramisù and was not disappointed in the least. Now in a food coma, we headed back to the apartment and settled in for the night.

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